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Luisa Menazzi Moretti was born in Udine in 1964. She moved with her family to the United States when she was thirteen; she was educated in Texas, first in College Station where she attended the high school and then in Houston for her academic education. During those years, she began cultivating her passion for photography; she attended courses, favouring printing and black and white development. She then got back to Europe, got her MA in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, worked in London and, after some years, she moved to Italy. She lived in Udine, Bologna, Rome, Naples and Venice. Her works have been exhibited in museums, public and private galleries and her works are part of international collections. Criticts and curators such as Denis Curti, Achille Bonito Oliva, Francesco Bonami, Valerio Dehò, Benedetta Donato, Maria Flora Giubilei, Antonio Giusa,  have curated and presented the work of the author.

In 2017 Giunti Editor published I am – Luisa Menazzi Moretti.
In 2016 Contrasto published Ten Years and Eighty-Seven Days,  while  Gente di Fotografia published Somewhere–Luisa Menazzi Moretti.  Arte’m published two books of Luisa Menazzi Moretti :  Words (2013) and Nature’s Matters (2014).

Exhibitions, prizes and Art Fairs:

  • I am, One Eyeland Photography Award 2017, Winner, Bronze
  • I Am/Io sono, National Museum of Palazzo Lanfranchi, Matera / Archeological Museum (Potenza) / Palace of Arts (PAN), Naples / (2018)
  • Ten Years and Eight-Seven Days, Santa Maria della Scala Museum, Siena (2017)
  • Nature’s Matters, Galleria Due Piani, Pordenone (2016-2017)
  • Ten Years and Eighty-Seven Days, International Photography Award (IPA), Menzione d’onore Moving Pictures Professional (2016)
  • Ten Years and Eighty-Seven Days, European Month of Photography (EMOP), Berlino (2016)
  • Giornata del Contemporaneo AMACI, P Greco, Galleria la Salizada, Venezia (2016)
  • Somewhere – Luisa Menazzi Moretti , Villa Manin, Udine (2016)
  • Giornata del Contemporaneo AMACI, Cose di natura, Galleria la Salizada, Venezia (2015)
  • Visual Action Ayotzinapa, Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers College, Guerrero , Mexico
  • Premio L’Isola 2015, Tropea (2015)
  • Sconfinamenti #3, Festival dei 2 Mondi, Rocca Albornoziana, Festival dei 2 Mondi, Spoleto (2015)
  • Billboard Creative and Environmental Furniture, Q 1 Silent Auction for The Art of Elysium, Los Angeles (2015)
  • Billboard Creative Q 1 Show, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles (2015)
  • Ingredients for a Thought, Galleria Still per Expo in città, Milano (2015)
  • Ingredients for a Thought, MIA Fair 2015, Milano (2015)
  • Affordable Art Fair, Art Night Out, Milano, Galleria Spazio Farini6 (2015)
  • Tre Oci Tre Mostre, Fondazione Tre Oci, Venezia, Cose di Natura (2015)
  • Oci su Luisa Menazzi Moretti ed Elio Ciol, Cose di Natura, Galleria La Salizada, Venezia (2015)
  • A noi ci frega lo sguardo, Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Milano (2015)
  • Christie’s Auction, A noi ci frega lo sguardo, Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Milano (2014)
  • Words,  Galleria Dafna, Napoli (2014)
  • Words, Forum Universale delle Culture, San Domenico Maggiore (2014)
  • The Collector’s Eye:  the Maloney Collection, Fotofest International, Houston (2014)
  • Words, galleria La Salizada, Venezia (2014)
  • Cose di Natura,  Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Genova (2014)
  • Words, Galleria Civica Tina Modotti, Udine (2014)
  • Words, Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Pordenone (2014)
  • Winter Sensations, Galleria Spazio Farini6, Milano (2014)
  • Magic Mirror, Galleria La Salizada, Venezia (2014)
  • Magic Mirror, Galleria Tedofra, Bologna (2014)
  • Holiday Dreams,  Galleria Spazio Farini6, Milano (2013)
  • Mostra Premio Combat, Finalista, Museo Civico G. Fattori, Livorno (2013)
  • Words, Spazio Paraggi, Milano/Collettiva (2013)
  • Words, MIA  Fair 2013, Milano, Galleria Paola Sosio, Contemporary Gallery (2013)
  • Magic Mirror, Galleria Le Stanze Bianche, Palermo (2013)
  • Affordable  Art Fair, Art Night Out, Milano (2013)
  • Bambini in missione di pace, Fondazione Sambuca, Palermo (2013)
  • Obiettivo la Ricerca, Centro Convegni AIL, Roma (2013)
  • Italo Zannier:  la sfida della fotografia, Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Pordenone (2013)
  • Magic Mirror,  Fabbrica delle Arti, Napoli (2013)