Nature’s Matters

It is the glance which…contains a whole soul, the product of the meeting between nature and soul, of the world of things and the world of ideas.

Maria Flora Giubilei, Fragments of Visions, Glances. Close Up, Almost – Nature’s Matters


Nature’s Matters is a serie thought as a “site specific” project for the Modern Arts  Gallery of Genoa with a book published by Arte’m;  I was asked to develop a dialogue between my pictures and the works of the Gallery permanent exhibition.  Despite the strong distance in time, style and techinque, I tried to develop a path that, although interacted with the works of the collection, had its own autonomy and completeness. I could   have seen many of the images of this series, Nature’s Matters, in my dreams. Certain details, the atmosphere, the allusions to….I wanted them in colours, but they are not true-to-life colours, they do not have to reproduce reality; it is the colour that would hide and suggest a word, a metaphor, a slipping of sense of those images. I do not have an enchanted vision of nature: it is beauty, balance, relief, harmony but also desolation, devastation, indifference. Nature does not exist to please us, it exists on her own; and it is the whole from which every thing begins and every living being has its origins, is born, lives, eats and, eventually, due to her own laws, dies. Behind such different aspects of nature, there is not a plan, an elaboration or a thought. Things do happen nor to punish us, to torment us neither to please us or because she is indifferent; they happen because they must happen; nature does not act thinking of us. Whatever happens, she is innocent, for better or for worse.