On Christmas Day, my family would have been more confortable in Heaven. Christmas was largely ignored in my Heaven. Some people dressed all in white and pretended they were snowflakes, but other than that, nothing. …Truth was very different from what we learned in school. The truth was that the line between the living and the dead could be, it seemed, murky and blurred.

Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones


I like to think that maybe one day physics will give a scientific explanation of our passage in a timeless dimension; I like to think that life is not only here, but continues elsewhere. There, at first we may feel alone, we may have to learn a lot, perhaps there will be no room for words, habits, time, objects. Our world, our mind will move in boundless infinite thought. A thought that can reach the light only when no longer sorrowing by the destructive pain of those who remain, only when those who have loved us learn to use this pain as a source of power and knowledge. In this series of photographs, Solo, I try to imagine the first moment, the arrival in a possible new dimension, seeing it through the filter of imagination. Faces and people at times lonely and lost, unaware of what to do, in an elsewhere they may not yet even know they have reached. There is the uncertainty, the anxiety, the fear of the first moments, but also the determination, the flow of thoughts, and the peace of mind; feelings and moods that blend at times with a vague perception of presence beyond the screen.