I believe that each work of art gains its results, that is to speak the language of its present, when from its time is able to create another time….In their absolute simplicity these pictures gain what they want, as they make us imagine su much with very little. They build the mystery of everyday life up, thus rescuing the uselessness of everyday life.

Francesco Bonami, Words


Words is a series of pictures of words that were about to be lost or could be lost, and that I wanted to fix before they would be useless, before they would change light, or a voice would overlap on them, or the paper would be ripped off, or the page would be turned. These are words found everywhere: on bill boards, in the trash, on the ground, on ancient books or books that I have read and loved, on old letters…I searched in fragments and  rips for the echo of a speech that, even when interrupted, does not lose its poetry. I also followed my own personal journey in memory:  many of these pictures  deal with moments of my life;  however, I did not want the viewer to be affected by it.  I like to think that  the person who looks at the photos  might be able to  guess the stories that these words  wanted to continue to tell before being lost. For Words I have edited a book; right next to each pictures, there are other words, that –  even though inspired by the ones I had shot – are distinct and indipendent. They are written by friends, intellectuals and artists who have shared with me this dedication to writing and its finite time.